About Capja

We believe in cutting through the noise. No fluff, no jargon, just straightforward digital solutions designed to work seamlessly. Our products are crafted with simplicity in mind, focusing on real-world applications that solve tangible problems.

About Capja | Leadership Team | Josh Wallman Customer Focused, Pushing Boundaries & Innovating, Efficient & Tailored

Our story


Capja begins

In 2019, Josh Wallman and Andy Burgess founded Capja, with a mission to simplify the complex. The ‘Cap’ comes from capturing, and ‘ja’ is formed from our initials. ‘Capja’ symbolises our commitment to streamlining processes.

Our journey began with the first project contract gained in month one!



Customers inspire innovation

As the company progresses, customers drive Capja’s innovation. We become obsessed with on-site mobile accessibility for field staff, with increased focus on the heavy lifting market.


Early 2021

First recognition

In early 2021, Capja won our first grant from Invest4 and partnered with Innovate UK, leading to the creation of CapjaDocs.

Early 2021

Late 2021

Gaining traction

Gaining traction in the heavy lifting sector, Capja expands to other niche plant-hire markets. Further innovatations in with our technology allows us to deliver more complex solutions including a document compiler with Risk Assessments and Method Statements!

Late 2021


QR code innovation

CapjaDocs, a simple portal for tagging assets with QR codes, was further recognised with an Innovate UK grant in 2022. This drove our ability to expand and improve the product.


Mid 2023

Revolution in plant-hire

Capja secured yet another Innovate UK grant and we begin integrating AI technologies into our products. This promises to revolutionise how the plant-hire sector is managed.

Mid 2023


Rebranding for the future

Embracing a fresh new look, Capja underwent a transformative rebrand, introducing new logos, branding, and a revamped website to reflect our evolving vision.



Continued growth

Today, Capja offers a suite of digital solutions for plant-hire businesses of all sizes. Our journey of innovation, guided by customer needs and efficiency, continues to unfold.


Leadership team

Meet our founders, Josh and Andy, who started Capja in 2018.

About Capja | Leadership team | Co-founder Josh Wallman

Josh Wallman


Josh leads the sales, marketing, and customer relations force at Capja. He’s committed to efficiency and customer-centric solutions, tailoring technology to streamline processes. His broad experience with various businesses drives Capja’s focus on improving processes and enhancing efficiency.

About Capja | Leadership team | Co-founder Andy Burgess

Andy Burgess


Andy leads the technology side at Capja with his innovative and outside-the-box thinking. Known for making complex scenarios simple, he’s the go-to guy for defining solutions in the Digital Transformation arena, contributing to Capja’s continuous technological evolution.

Our values


We are passionate about challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries, and developing cutting-edge digital solutions.

Customer focus

We listen to our customers, understand their challenges, and deliver solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.


We believe in making the complex simple. We design our solutions to be user-friendly, enabling our clients to transform their business processes with ease.


We recognise that the digital landscape is always changing. We stay ahead of the curve, evolving our products and services to meet new challenges and opportunities.


We care about our planet. By developing solutions that reduce paper use and enhance digital transformation, we’re helping our clients to operate in a more environmentally friendly way.


We thrive on teamwork and collaboration. By working together, we build stronger relationships, foster creative thinking, and deliver solutions that make a real difference.

Transform your business

Our range of products will save your plant hire or construction business time and money.

CapjaDocs | Logo | CapjaDocs Logo Colored

Transform your document management with CapjaDocs, our QR-based solution ensuring your vital fleet, certification, and project documents are just a scan away – saving time, ensuring compliance, and boosting efficiency.

AssetCapja | Logo | AssetCapja Logo Colored

Gain full visibility of your assets and their lifecycle, with an all-in-one dashboard. Eliminate human error with QR/NFC/RFID tagging. Every asset requiring LOLER inspection can easily be tested with our mobile app, raising certificates instantly.

CapjaForms | Logo | CapjaForms Logo Colored

Revolutionise your data capture with CapjaForms, enabling quick, on-the-go access to your forms. No more paper timesheets or manual daily checks entry. Experience convenience and increased efficiency of mobile data collection and management.