Take control & gain visibility of your assets

Move away from the hassle of manual tracking and inspections. AssetCapja offers smart tagging, an all-in-one dashboard, and automated certificate generation, revolutionising your asset management process.

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AssetCapja explained

Why use AssetCapja?

Enhanced visibility

Gain full control and oversight of all assets across construction sites with an all-in-one dashboard.

Error reduction

Eliminate human error through precise QR/NFC/RFID tagging, ensuring accurate asset management.

Streamlines inspections

Automate lifting equipment checks and certificate generation for faster, more efficient operations.

Real-time tracking

Track assets in real time for better planning and utilisation in your construction workflow.

Cost & time saving

Cut down on paperwork and manual processes, saving both time and costs on site.

Compliance & safety

Adherence to legal requirements and enhance safety by maintaining asset conditions and certifications.

Your questions answered

AssetCapja offers full visibility of your assets (plant, equipment, tackle), automates certification (e.g. LOLER), and simplifies tracking with QR/NFC/RFID tagging.

By digitalising asset tracking and utilising QR/NFC/RFID tags, AssetCapja reduces the risk of misplacing or mislabelling assets.

LOLER stands for Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations – it’s a required inspection for any lifting equipment. AssetCapja allows you to raise certification from these inspections effortlessly. You can also track assets that have been scrapped, that are missing, or being fixed/mended.

Once an asset is inspected using our mobile app and marked as “In Good Working Order”, your competant lifting professional can authorise the inspection from the portal, AssetCapja will automatically generate the necessary certification, reducing paperwork and manual processes. This certificate could go into CapjaDocs so on-site personnel can see from a QR code.

Unlock the future of asset management

Ready to experience full control over your assets? Book a free demo of AssetCapja and discover how our innovative solution can transform your asset management strategy.

AssetCapja | Unlock the future of asset management | Smart Asset, Simple Inspections, Optimise Time & Reduce Risk

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