Efficient data capture for plant hire

Get rid of paper timesheets, checklists and manual entry. With CapjaForms, enjoy real-time data collection, intuitive eForms, and seamless data management – all from the convenience of your mobile device.

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CapjaForms explained

Why use CapjaForms?

Streamline operations

Eliminate manual paperwork, improving overall efficiency in your construction projects.

Enhance accuracy

Reduce human errors by employing smart, digital forms for your construction data collection.

Immediate access

Access forms and data on-the-go, ensuring timely decisions and project execution.

Cost reduction

Save money on printing and processing by shifting to a digitised, streamlined system.

Seamless integration

Automate workflows and integrate with existing systems for smooth construction management.

Environmentally friendly

Embrace a green approach by cutting paper use, supporting sustainability in construction.

Your questions answered

Once we’ve digitised and customised your forms, you can start using CapjaForms immediately. We aim to streamline this process as much as possible to get you up and running quickly. This can be dependant on additional adaptions you would like to your mobile forms.

Absolutely. CapjaForms allows you to fully customise your forms to suit your specific business needs.

We prioritise your data’s security. All data captured through CapjaForms is encrypted and securely stored on our platform, adhering to stringent security standards.

CapjaForms can trigger a variety of automated processes like sending confirmation emails, updating billing systems, notifying staff, and much more. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Yes, CapjaForms is designed to work seamlessly with other software, databases, and even tags like QR codes. We can grab information out of most HireDesk systems and populate the forms, such as the customer and site address for a contract.

Yes, your employees can capture data offline, and the forms can be sent back to your office as soon as a connection is available.

Depending on your requirements for on premise or in the cloud, we’ll work with you for the appropriate software. CapjaForms is designed to work on Windows, Android or iOS.

Absolutely. Our central platform allows you to submit information, check delivery, and track the progression of workflows.

Yes, by eliminating the cost of paper forms, reducing data entry errors, and speeding up transactions, CapjaForms can save your company time and money.

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. We’re committed to ensuring your experience with CapjaForms is seamless and beneficial.

Of course! We can do any type of time capture, and make it as easy as possible for your staff. If you have personal timesheets, we can capture and send to payroll, if you need to capture contracted hours, we can present these on the mobile app for your customer to sign on glass, do you need to capture rigging time, yes, travelling time, yes!

Yes, that’s our speciality! We’re experts at digitising all kinds of checks. With our mobile app, you can easily view what’s been recorded and when. It’s not just a regular checksheet; we let you track any issues found during a check. Especially useful when managing diverse fleets, our system lets users pinpoint defects to a exact vehicle type, specific vehicle, and even the exact part with an issue. So, your staff won’t be reporting the same defect twice!

Very! We build the mobile friendly forms to be as simple as possible. Working in the construction industry we understand that on-site work is challenging, so the administration should be simple and easy to use. We’ve styled our forms directly with help from operators, supervisors, slingers, banksmen, appointed persons, drivers & engineers.

Ready to transform how you capture data?

Discover the power of digitised, intelligent forms with CapjaForms. Request a free demo today and experience firsthand how our solution can streamline your data collection and enhance your company’s efficiency.

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