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How to Start a Tech Company: Celebrating Capja’s 5-Year Adventure

Five years ago, Capja embarked on a transformative journey, aiming to revolutionise the lifting & plant hire industry. The sight of excessive paperwork and clunky, user-unfriendly software was a sore point for us. Too often, businesses had to choose between ill-fitting solutions or drowning in administrative tasks, losing focus on their customers.

AI generated Josh and Andy starting Capja
AI interpretation of Josh & Andy starting Capja with a Sparrow for Sparrow crane hire (of course)

Enter Josh and Andy, our visionaries, who dreamt of crafting a superior solution for the industry, infusing it with cutting-edge technology to streamline manual processes. Our journey was bolstered by early believers like Sparrow Crane Hire and Southern Cranes, who invested their trust in our vision and technology.

Starting a business is akin to a rollercoaster ride. We often found ourselves saying ‘yes’ more than we probably should have. It’s the classic conundrum of needing capital to build your dream but having to divert attention to generate it. It’s about balancing the need for immediate funding with the pursuit of long-term goals.

Our most significant lesson? The power of persistence and staying true to your vision. For budding entrepreneurs, remember: a viable product or service, a problem that needs solving, and a customer base willing to pay are the cornerstones of success. Keep your focus laser-sharp on your customers.

Though we’re still in the early stages, we’ve built a robust foundation and refined our vision. We’re driven by an insatiable hunger to offer the best to our customers.

Innovate UK logo. They’ve been a key part of our growth.

Today marks a milestone: five years of relentless innovation and growth, striving to simplify complex software solutions. From our humble beginnings, Capja has evolved into a beacon of innovation, securing five key grants, including the coveted Innovate UK Award, and steadfastly advancing technology in the construction sector.

Of course, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Capja’s inception, just a year before the COVID pandemic, brought its share of challenges. Josh even took up warehouse work to keep us afloat during those uncertain times. Thankfully, our workload remained steady, and we navigated those turbulent waters with resilience.

Our commitment to the company’s success is reflected in everything we do, even to the extent of directors Josh & Andy being the lowest paid employees. This commitment, however, doesn’t shield us from setbacks – like losing a developer to a larger firm, a blow that truly stung. But with supportive customers and a strong team, we’ve learned to overcome and adapt.

This adaptability led to the development of CapjaDocs, a revolutionary solution that drastically cuts down paperwork at construction sites, boosting both environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. It’s a customer-centric solution, continuously improved through valuable feedback.

AI collaboration image
AI generated image of collaboration. The sparrow is still apparent 🤣

Thanks to this feedback, we’re excited to soon unveil an enhanced version of CapjaDocs, featuring a fillable form capability, developed with the support of an Innovate UK grant.

Remember, it’s not just about you. Nurturing the right partnerships is crucial. We’ve observed larger software firms in our industry hindering collaboration, a challenge for smaller companies like ours.

But it’s heartening to see others who share our ethos of going above and beyond, here are some hand picked favourites:

  • From the get-go, Chris, the founder of, has been a linchpin in our website design and SEO strategy. Their expertise in navigating the digital landscape has been a game-changer for us, helping to elevate our online presence significantly. – Software Development & App Development Brighton, UK
  • Plant Planet: Sharing a similar timeline with us, Plant Planet has been riding the same rollercoaster of growth and challenges. We deeply value their support and camaraderie in this journey. It’s refreshing to have a peer who understands the ups and downs of this industry. Heavy Machinery News | Plant Planet UK | Literally, Goundbreaking (
  • CraneHub: Although not a direct collaborator, CraneHub’s innovative approach has been nothing short of inspiring. They’ve brought a unique flair to the industry, challenging norms and setting new standards, which is a breath of fresh air. Content | Crane Hub
  • Nosy Agency: Our marketing maestros, Nosy Agency, have been instrumental in shaping our public image. They’ve not only crafted our compelling video with Island Crane Hire but also revamped our website and are currently spearheading our marketing campaign. Their insight into our world and vision for the future aligns perfectly with our objectives. NOSY Creative Agency | Ethical marketing solutions: Digital strategy, branding, websites & video production.
  • Rent Pay Go: As a budding company in the industry, Rent Pay Go is demonstrating great potential in revolutionising our sector. Their innovative approach and fresh ideas are something we’re keeping a keen eye on, and we’re excited to see their growth trajectory. RPG (
  • More than just a directory, has been a valuable ally. They’ve extended us a couple of crucial favours, proving to be more than just a business listing service. Our relationship with them is a testament to the power of collaborative growth. UK Construction directory, Construction News, plant hire & sales, jobs United Kingdom-Wales & Northern Ireland

By highlighting these partnerships & other businesses, we acknowledge the essential role each of these companies plays in not just our growth but in enriching the entire industry’s ecosystem. 🌟🤝🏗️

Review: The lesson has been with all the setbacks and challenges, there opens new and different opportunities. Don’t be afraid to ask, as if you don’t ask you don’t get! People are always willing to help, you just need to find the right support, and make sure to give back when you can.

Looking Ahead: As we venture into the next chapter, bolstered by another Innovate UK award, we’re not just reflecting on our past achievements but eagerly anticipating a future ripe with AI and Machine Learning innovations.

A heartfelt thanks to every stakeholder, partner, and customer who has journeyed with us. Here’s to many more years of innovation and success! 🎉🚀

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