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More than just lifting; it’s about lifting smarter

“We’re not just sharing files; we’re building trust”. Quinn Crane Hire have revolutionised their operations with CapjaDocs, enhancing efficiency, compliance, and customer trust in the lifting industry.
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Quinn Crane Hire Ltd., a family-operated business, has been a leader in the lifting industry across Ireland since 1994. Founded by Jim Quinn, the company has grown significantly, boasting a fleet of cranes known for their efficiency and safety.

Historically, managing crane certifications at Quinn Crane Hire was chaotic. Using various systems, including Google Drive, led to inefficiencies and cluttered compliance processes. Mark Quinn, the Assistant Manager, said, “We were spinning too many plates, each with its method and madness. It was clear we needed a change to cut through the clutter.”

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Enter CapjaDocs, a game-changer for Quinn Crane Hire. This robust platform revolutionised their certification and compliance management, simplifying the entire process. Mark Quinn noted, “CapjaDocs wasn’t just a tool; it was a revolution for us. The ease of uploading documents, the QR codes on cranes, and the tracking capabilities—it all came together seamlessly.”

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The transition to CapjaDocs streamlined operations, ending the era of fragmented systems. The unified platform made document management efficient and straightforward. The QR codes on the cranes, akin to tax discs, were a game-changer for compliance and safety. “These QR codes are not just stickers; they’re gateways to ensuring our cranes operate within the legal frameworks, accessible instantly,” Mark remarked.

Looking ahead, CapjaDocs will enhance communication with customers, redefining interactions. “It’s about clarity and communication. With CapjaDocs, we’re not just sharing files; we’re building trust,” Mark added.

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Reflecting on their experience, Mark shared, “The simplicity and efficacy of CapjaDocs have not only lightened our administrative load but have fundamentally transformed our operational ethos. It’s about doing more than just lifting; it’s about lifting smarter.” As CapjaDocs’ first client in Ireland, Mark is a strong advocate for its adoption, highlighting its impact on efficiency and compliance.

Quinn Crane Hire plans to integrate employee training records and digital certification copies into CapjaDocs, further leveraging the software’s technological prowess. This move underscores their commitment to innovation and safety.

Want to know more about Quinn Crane hire, check out their website: Quinn Crane Hire Website

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