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Our First Professional Video

Ever wondered what it takes to film in the not-so-perfect English weather? Join us as we recount our adventurous trip to the Isle of Wight to film our first professional video, featuring Island Crane Hire and our very own CapjaDocs. Discover how CapjaDocs can revolutionise your document management, all captured in our latest video.
Our New CapjaDocs Video

The Adventure Begins: Isle of Wight

Weeks of planning led us to the Isle of Wight, greeted by grey, windy, and wet weather—perfect for filming, not! A big shoutout to Island Crane Hire for allowing us to film their cranes, staff, and even their customer.

The Stars of the Show: Conrad & Ken

Meet our new film stars, Conrad & Ken, who delivered a great performance.

Kudos to Francis Javier & Laurence Montalbo from NOSY Creative Agency for capturing slick footage and braving the drone against the winds.

CapjaDocs: The Game-Changer

Tired of sifting through outdated documents? CapjaDocs is your answer. With QR technology, access the latest versions of your documents effortlessly. Organise, update, and retrieve—all in a scan. Book a free demo today and transform your document management.

Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t miss out on revolutionising your document management. Try CapjaDocs with a 14-day FREE trial.

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