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Our range of products will save your plant hire or construction business time and money.

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Transform your document management with CapjaDocs, our QR-based solution ensuring your vital fleet, certification, and project documents are just a scan away – saving time, ensuring compliance, and boosting efficiency.

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Gain full visibility of your assets and their lifecycle, with an all-in-one dashboard. Eliminate human error with QR/NFC/RFID tagging. Every asset requiring LOLER inspection can be easily be tested with our mobile app, raising certificates instantly.

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Revolutionise your data capture with CapjaForms, enabling quick, on-the-go access to your forms. No more paper timesheets or manual daily checks entry. Experience convenience and increased efficiency of mobile data collection and management.

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Discover how our tailored digital tools can streamline your operations. With Capja, experience a solution where document administration, data capture and asset management are simple, quick, and effective.

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