Capja's impact in action

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Supports compliance

“We and our clients are very happy with Capja’s QR solution. Even the ISO auditors were impressed with the enhancement to our operations from this solution!”

Capja | Trusted Partner | Mobi Crane

|   Phil Coggin

Win more business

“This solution is winning us business, it is so simple, efficient and easy to manage.”

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|  Lee Robinson

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Capja | Partners | Lee Lifting Construction Truck

Convenient for your customers

“Great product! Ideal for updating certification without the need to reprint/distribute. Convenient for the customer, no more copying, just scan and view documentation instantly.”

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|   Tim Williams

It's a game-changer

“The impact of CapjaDocs on our business has been substantial. By using secure QR codes on our ID cards, we’ve managed to offer immediate access to essential documents while maintaining the utmost security. It’s a game-changer for the crane hire industry.”

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|   Kieran McGovern

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Success Stories Capja | Testimonials | DG Noble Trucks and Crane

It's a no brainer

“It’s a no brainer for me, our trucks always have the current paperwork at hand ready to show on site. With the ability to email straight over removes the need for any copying of certs. It’s a fantastic product and generally very well received on-site.”

Success Stories Capja | Testimonial | DG Noble LOGO

|  Phill Holmes

Share information in seconds

“The information is available to those who require it in seconds. The solution is easy, a smart method for sharing relevant information securely, while also improving quality within our crane operations.”

Capja | Trusted Partner | Multiplex

|   Oliver Linton

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Transform your business

Our range of products will save your plant hire or construction business time and money.

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Transform your document management with CapjaDocs, our QR-based solution ensuring your vital fleet, certification, and project documents are just a scan away – saving time, ensuring compliance, and boosting efficiency.

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Gain full visibility of your assets and their lifecycle, with an all-in-one dashboard. Eliminate human error with QR/NFC/RFID tagging. Every asset requiring LOLER inspection can easily be tested with our mobile app, raising certificates instantly.

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Revolutionise your data capture with CapjaForms, enabling quick, on-the-go access to your forms. No more paper timesheets or manual daily checks entry. Experience convenience and increased efficiency of mobile data collection and management.