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The best thing about CapjaDocs? It’s dead easy to use!

“We needed something that wasn’t just a stopgap but a long-term solution—flexible, easy to use, and robust. CapjaDocs ticked all the boxes,” says Garry Hutchison of Onestop Access. This transformation not only improved safety and efficiency but also significantly enhanced customer experience, setting new industry standards.
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In the rugged landscapes of Scotland, Onestop Access (Scotland) Ltd stands out as a beacon of innovation in the powered access industry. Their commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and safety led them to a pivotal technological transformation with CapjaDocs’ advanced QR code technology.

Garry Hutchison, a seasoned professional at Onestop, paints a vivid picture of the initial hurdles: “We were grappling with an outdated QR system that just couldn’t keep up with the demands of the modern workplace. The biggest thorn in our side was the paper manuals—never where you needed them and often ruined by the Scottish weather.” The company’s extensive fleet of 900 machines demanded a robust solution that could withstand harsh conditions and streamline access to essential documents.

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The quest for a durable solution led Garry and his team to CapjaDocs. He recalls, “We needed something that wasn’t just a stopgap but a long-term solution—flexible, easy to use, and robust. CapjaDocs ticked all the boxes.” CapjaDocs offers a sleek, user-friendly interface where QR codes could be effortlessly created and linked to digital folders tailored for each machine. These folders houses everything from PDF manuals to LOLER certifications and instructional videos.

Garry was particularly impressed by the system’s adaptability: “The best thing about CapjaDocs? It’s dead easy to use. We can customise what’s visible on the QR code, update documents on the fly, and even set alerts for document expiries.” The implementation of CapjaDocs transformed the operational landscape at Onestop Access. With the new system in place, they saw significant improvements in safety, customer experience, and operational efficiency.

“With CapjaDocs, our QR codes are not just a gateway to manuals but a portal to training videos and safety guidelines. We can even offer manuals in various languages, significantly boosting our safety standards,” Garry notes. The enhanced customer experience is also a major benefit. “Our customers now tap into a wealth of information directly through the QR codes. This on-the-fly updating capability ensures they always have the most current data at their fingertips,” Garry highlights. Additionally, the eco-friendly and efficient nature of the system was a game-changer for Onestop Access. “We’ve drastically cut down on our paper use. This, coupled with easier access to information, means fewer queries and more time for our team to focus on what we do best,” Garry adds.

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With ambitious plans to roll out CapjaDocs across the entire fleet, Onestop Access is poised to redefine documentation management in the industry. “The future looks promising. With every machine seamlessly integrated into CapjaDocs, we’re setting new standards in operational efficiency and safety,” Garry envisions.

Onestop takes pride in their brand, reflected in the custom-branded QR codes on every piece of equipment, from scissor lifts to boom lifts, enhancing both visibility and operational consistency. Through Garry’s narrative, it’s clear that Onestop Access has not just adopted a new system but has embraced a culture of innovation and safety, setting a benchmark for the industry at large.

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