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Transforming Fleet Documents with CapjaDocs at D&G Noble

Discover how CapjaDocs transformed fleet management for D&G Noble, a leading Bedford-based transport company. This case study explores their journey from cumbersome paperwork to streamlined digital efficiency, enhancing both compliance and on-site operations

When it comes to fleet management, D&G Noble, a Bedford-based family-run business, knows the importance of efficiency and compliance. Established in 1962, they’ve been serving the UK’s self off-load transport sector with a diverse fleet of over 40 vehicles. Here’s how CapjaDocs revolutionised their operations.

Paperwork Woes

Phill Holmes, from D&G Noble, reached out to us in May 2022 with a clear need: “We run a fleet of crane-equipped vehicles and are very interested in having all our lifting accessory inspections, crane certs, and competency cards on a QR code.”

CapjaDocs to the Rescue

D&G Noble soon adopted CapjaDocs, and the transformation was immediate. Phill Holmes reflects on the experience, stating, “It’s a no-brainer for me, our trucks always have the current paperwork at hand ready to show on site.”

DG Noble Trucks and Crane scanning QR code

A Seamless On-Site Experience

“One of the best things about it for me is image,” says Phill. “For the man on site, there is no grumpy lorry driver looking for paperwork… Instead, processes are generally quicker as our guys no longer have to wait for on-site personnel to photocopy certifications.”

About D&G Noble

D&G Noble is FORS Gold accredited, CLOCS Champions, and Crossrail approved. Their fleet ranges from large vehicles extending up to over 23 metres in length to smaller trucks and vans perfect for urban spaces. Situated less than 30 miles outside of London, they are strategically placed to serve central London and beyond.

DG Noble Trucks and Crane side view with arm

CapjaDocs has not only streamlined D&G Noble’s operations but also enhanced their professional image. “It’s a fantastic product and generally very well received on site,” concludes Phill.

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